NMAC Trac Leasing

NMAC TRAC Leasing with West Covina Nissan is Nissan’s best kept “SECRET” Unlimited Mileage, Unlimited Condition & 100 % Tax Deductible as a Business Expense, ask you Accountant’s advice Buy or Lease?

Zero Down on approved credit from NMAC

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, or NMAC, is the automotive financing arm of the Nissan that is dedicated to helping you get financing for Nissan vehicles. NMAC can be a great source for flexible financing programs that you will find helpful to your business, including TRAC Leasing.

What is TRAC Leasing?

TRAC, which stands for “Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause” Leasing is “THE” automotive financing solution for business owners.
Here are seven important things to know about TRAC:

A TRAC Lease is used for vehicles used more than 50% of the time in the trade or business of the Lessee it has much lower monthly payment than a Purchase and it is 100% Tax Deductible!

1) A TRAC Lease is a unique version of the FMV lease. The risk and reward of ownership is transferred to the Lessee through the TRAC provision.
2) A TRAC Lease has a preset residual value, virtually eliminating the Lessee’s exposure to a Fair Market Value settlement at lease maturity.
3) A TRAC Lease lets you keep your Cash in the Business for working Capital.
4) A TRAC Lease allows you change out your vehicles regularly, as soon as one Trac is complete Start a new Trac on a New Vehicle.
5) A TRAC Lease can be spread over various Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years even up to 6 Years.
6) A TRAC Lease can be leased to match the vehicle Factory Warranty, helps eliminate un-expected out of warranty repair bills
7) A TRAC lease is structured so you can buy it out, trade it in, sell it in the open market or turn it in with no penalties for Mileage or Condition at the end of term. Similar to buying a vehicle

Advantages of getting on “TRAC”

Seasonal terms and tax affected payment rates are available. (You can pay in more in your busy months and less during your slower periods it is very Flexible)
Taxes, up fits, and the cost of accessory installation can be included in the capitalized cost of the lease. (This eliminates the need to spend your working capital out of pocket it goes into the Monthly Payments)
Services and conveniences other finance products simply do not offer.

Why You Should Consider a NMAC TRAC Lease

All Nissan vehicles qualify.
NMAC’s lease terms are a clear advantage for credit-qualified borrowers.
Favorable accounting treatments provide cash-flow benefits.
Customer and dealer set the residual value with NMAC’s approval.
A one-stop shopping experience when ordering and arranging financing for vehicles.
Tax Advantages for Your Business
TRAC Leases are commonly considered off-balance sheet financing. This style of lease is generally treated as a 100% tax-deductible operating expense, not a capital expense.
Consult your Accountant / tax adviser for more information.